Welcome to Taste Inverclyde!

Hungry for growth and expansion? Riverside Inverclyde (ri) is delighted to announce the launch of Taste Inverclyde, a platform built to promote independent restaurants, cafés, bars, food and drink production and food tourism across Inverclyde.

Taste Inverclyde has been designed to deliver this food and drink website to provide options for Inverclyde tourists and residents, aimed at promoting the fantastic local eateries and produce that they sell. At the outset, Taste Inverclyde will showcase independent restaurants, cafés and bars with the aim to expand to include street food and hotels across 2018.

 Taste Inverclyde will also be launching a collaborative forum in 2018 for manufacturers, restaurants, cafes and farms within Inverclyde to come together to discuss, innovate and create local produce that can then be sold across the UK and abroad.


Andrew Bowman, Head of Business Investment at Riverside Inverclyde said: “The food and drink sector offers Inverclyde a fabulous opportunity over the next decade to increase the manufacturing and production of local produce, offering a critical jobs and skills boost to the area, leading to a valuable contribution to the local economy.  The aims for Taste Inverclyde is to be the vehicle which helps to facilitate and stimulate the sector locally, to deliver collaborative projects and ensure Inverclyde puts its best foot forward in the sector for job creation, food tourism and increased local production.”

Launched in December 2017, Taste Inverclyde will also offer locals and visitors the opportunity of offers to eat and drink across Inverclyde businesses, whilst forming a more collaborative approach to the food, drink and tourism industry in the area. 

 Thank you for your supporting your local businesses and please follow Taste Inverclyde across the various social networks. We would love to hear your feedback.